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Renata M.

"I feel good in general, somehow lighter."

Ray M.

"You know... I've not had an energy healing / reading with someone for sometime where I feel the energy or can connect the dots to the experience...

I could feel my energy change and become heightened and I was wondering what was happening!


So thank you for being you, Amanda. You are a powerful Energy Healer and I believe you will go far in this calling."

Lucia C.

"Amanda is very gentle in her session. She helped me identify some stuck emotions from the past regarding my ex-husband. After our session, I didn't feel any negative emotion towards him or his girlfriend, even when I found out they'll marry. Thank you Amanda."

Abbey W.

I am so thankful for Amanda and her work! I am new to Emotion Code and so far it has been eye opening. During my first session, Amanda was thorough in helping me understand how the session would go and what to expect. I am excited to continue working with her and utilizing this tool in my healing journey. It has been so helpful to learn what I have been holding on to that is no longer serving me. Thank you for helping me release the snags in my energetic field, so I can move forward!

Paula B.

"I feel a great difference with  my anxiousness. It is peaceful! Thank you so much!"

Tom B.

"Amanda completed the session and sent my results via email. I was shocked at what she found and what she released. I knew I had some of these emotions and just would not let go of them. She has helped me clear them, and I am working hard to have a positive attitude. I am sincerely thankful for her kindness and her knowledge of the Emotion Code."


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