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Support Services

Your Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

STEH’s intention is to provide Emotion Code services as a self-care practice and strategy to support your personal wellness journey. 


The Emotion Code is used as an energy healing modality to release Trapped Emotions that could be contributing to imbalances negatively impacting the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies. It is:

  • not a promise to cure or heal any health condition or issue that you might be experiencing

  • implemented and intended for use as taught and under the certification standards set by Discover Healing.

You are strongly encouraged to continue your current wellness program and assistance from all of your health care practitioners (ie: Doctors, counsellors, trainers, etc.). 

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Your Energy Practitioner

Is intended to provide support services intended to inspire and enhance your self-care (and therefore, self-love) practice and to empower you on your personal healing journey.  Support services could entail sharing:

  • experiences and lessons learned from my personal experiences with my wellness journey and spiritual awakening.

  • resources and referrals to sources (ie: books, websites, holistic wellness practitioners, etc.) found helpful in my personal wellness journey and spiritual awakening.

  • tips, insight, and information learned from my personal experiences with my wellness journey and spiritual awakening.

  • professional experience and information from being an energy healing practitioner as well as from my educational background of a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion.

  • support, encourage on your personal wellness journey including brainstorming ideas and providing possible suggestions and recommendations.



As a badass and powerful heart-centred being, you:​​

  • confidently accept and embrace self-responsibility 

  • understand that you are the champion of your personal wellness journey to take your power and control back over your life.

  • understand that by accessing support and Emotion Code services with STEH, you are highly encouraged to continue to seek and follow the advice of your health care practitioners.

  • understand the outlined responsibilities and roles of the Energy Practitioner and Certified Emotion Code Practitioner at STEH.

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