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Service Offerings

◊ Prices are in Canadian currency and subject to change without notice 

Tarot Card Reading

Image by Moritz Mentges
Image by Edz Norton

Please stay tuned for this new exciting offer launching soon  :)

TRADITIONAL Emotion Code Session

Image by Hal Gatewood
Image by Hal Gatewood

The Energy Practitioner works with your energetic body to identify and release Trapped Emotions that could be negatively impacting your body and life.


 The session is conducted via Zoom and lasts up to 45min (intake services plus 20-30min of energy work) to safely release as much emotional baggage as possible.

$86.25 (applicable tax included)


EMAIL Emotion Code Session

Image by Moritz Mentges
Image by Brett Jordan

With Email sessions, the Emotion Code process and results are the same as a Traditional Session although the Energy Practitioner works independently and sends you a report with the results afterwards.


This is a popular option for busy clients who desire energy work to be conducted on them while they go about their day as usual (with a mindful awareness of the session is taking place).

$63.25  (applicable tax included)


INITIAL Emotion Code Session

Image by Moritz Mentges
Image by Moritz Mentges

An introduction to the Emotion Code is provided by the Energy Practitioner, including intake services. This session is conducted and suited to your preference to release Trapped Emotions from your energetic body by applying an in-depth analysis or more efficient approach to clearing. 

When receiving energy work, it is recommended to allocate some time for your body to adjust to any potential processing symptoms that could occur afterwards. 

The session is conducted via Zoom and lasts up to  one hour  (introduction, intake services plus 20-30min of energy work) to safely release as many Trapped Emotions as possible.

$86.25 (applicable tax included)


Image by Moritz Mentges
Image by Jamie Street

The Energy Practitioner safely releases Trapped Emotions composing the Heart-Wall.  On average, approximately 3 to 5 sessions are needed to clear a Heart-Wall with each session lasting up to 45min (intake plus 20-30min of energy work).


However, depending on the individual, life circumstances, and many other factors, there could be more or less sessions required. For example, the Energy Practitioner has experienced some clients needing two sessions and another required nine to clear; therefore, the experience is subjective.

$86.25 (applicable tax included)

GIVE the GIFT of Emotion Code Sessions

Image by Moritz Mentges
Birthday Presents

Help someone special level up their self-care game!

Want to gift someone with Emotion Code sessions? To purchase, please Connect for more information.

Book your Gifted session enter in your coupon code at checkout.

Please note: There is a strict No Refund policy in order to keep the integrity with the business; however, you are welcome to reschedule up to 24 hours in advance of your session.  Missed sessions are considered as a "no show" and full amount is charged.

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