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Why It's Completely Normal to Have Emotional Baggage

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

You are probably familiar with the commonly known term and implied embarrassment of “Emotional Baggage.” This well-known phrase is often used with a negative connotation to shame someone who might not be coping too well with life circumstances; however, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to having emotions.

In fact, it should be shouted from the rooftops that every single person has emotional baggage because we all have emotions! . . .Every. Single. Person.

Medical assistance and counseling is strongly recommended and beneficial to many people to assist with emotional regulation and other mental health conditions. Additionally, a growing population are also accessing holistic practices and incorporating energy healing into their personal wellness program as an integrated approach to improve their overall wellbeing and life circumstances.

Certified Emotion Code Practitioners (CECP) refer to emotional baggage as "Trapped Emotions" and believe they could cause people to frequently overreact, have a difficult time coping, and might lead to inappropriate emotional responses - which in turn, could negatively impact their lives and relationships.

Think about a time that you experienced an intense emotion….

What emotion was it? Where did you feel the emotion in your body? What were the physical sensations?

Did you have anger that made your face feel hot and hands shake? Were there intense contractions in your heart when you were feeling anxious? How about feeling dropping in your chest and blood pressure like you were falling when you were overcome with fear? Or perhaps you jumped with excitement when you felt joy?

Usually, we feel intense emotions throughout our whole body. We have a tendency to process positive emotions more easily, so our body releases the energy naturally; whereas, with the emotions that do not feel good, the process is often interrupted because we often hold back, stuff down, or try to ignore them because we don’t want to deal, feel, or cope with them.

Therefore, when this intense emotional energy that was just generated in your body has not been properly released, it can become trapped – a Trapped Emotion.

What impact could Trapped Emotions have on your wellness?

Trapped Emotions might imbalance your body, mind, and spirit. They could negatively disrupt our lives and body’s natural processes potentially contributing to:

· Negative self and inner talk

· Easily and overly emotional and irritated

· Low confidence and self-esteem

· Inability to deeply connect with others in a meaningful way

· Reoccurring issues from repeating patterns of behaviour

· Mysterious ailments, discomfort, and aches with an unknown origin

· Frequently getting sick, or long-term illnesses

· Low self-worth and inability to believe that you are cared for by others

· Self-sabotaging behaviour in your relationship, career, and daily functioning, etc.

· And much more…

By releasing Trapped Emotions, you could begin to have a better emotional experience to life’s ups and downs. The healthier a person is and by clearing these stuck negative emotional energies, the more likely they are to experience a more appropriate response, emotions of the right intensity, and better ability to process moving forward.