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What is The Emotion Code?

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

The Emotion Code is a powerful self-care practice for wellness, as it is an energy healing modality with an intent to release emotional baggage, referred to as Trapped Emotions from your energetic body.

Trapped Emotions (TE) are literally balls of emotional energy that could become lodged in the body when we experience a strong negative emotion and do not process and release them properly. This might cause a distortion in the energetic body, which could turn into issues physically, emotionally, socially, and/or spiritually.

Think about this, if someone is literally carrying around several balls of negative energy lodged in their shoulder, their body could be resonating at that frequency of those TE, (such as anger). This might cause them to have a trigger temper, discomfort in their shoulder and/or any other outcome/issue . . . Anything is possible!

Additionally, there are usually an array of different types of negative emotions in the body, so you can imagine that, for example, carrying around TE that have frequencies of hatred, abandonment, fear, and/or hopelessness - could be hot mess and reek havoc!

How are Trapped Emotions released?

Using principals of behavioural kinesiology, our Energy Practitioner “speaks” with your subconscious mind through asking Yes/No questions while muscle testing to identify the presence of a TE and the age when it became lodged in the body.

Once the subconscious mind indicates the TE is ready to be released, our Energy Practitioner uses a combination of quantum physic’s entanglement theory, Chinese Medicine’s meridian system, and divine intervention which could assist the body with clearing the negative emotional energy.

The process is quick, painless, and non-invasive to effectively releases the TE - never to return again!

After your session, there is a 20% possibility that you could experience processing symptoms for a few days. While many people do not experience these symptoms, it is important to know about what could potentially occur.

Emotion Code & Your Wellness

Since The Emotion Code is an subjective experience, one person might not find a complete resolution whereas another could have subtle changes, and someone else feels a major shift with an issue. As being a holistic practice, the Emotion Code could restore balance to allow the body to reclaim its natural and innate healing capabilities.

TEs are released one at a time, a session lasts about 20 to 30 minutes, as this is the average length of time the body can process this type of energy work. We schedule your Initial Emotion Code Session for up to 1 hour, as to have enough time for intake, explanation, questions and answers.

Subsequent Traditional Emotion Code Sessions are scheduled for up to 45 minutes to allow for extra time allocated, in addition to the energy work, for individual connection with our Energy Practitioner for support.

Book your session today to start releasing TE and to help the real you Shine Through!

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