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Did You Know You Have Two Brains?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

The brain in our head is obviously the first and usually the only one we think of and associate with having neurons… However, the heart is actually surrounded by a neural network of approximately 40,000 specialized cells!

These cells allow the heart to think, feel, and save its own short and long-term memories. So in addition to our head-brain, we also technically have a heart-brain.

When we experience trauma, both brains record the event and are impacted. Since each are capable of memory, in order to enable recovery – both the brain and the heart need to be addressed to best enhance wellness.

Therapy is helpful mentally (and recommended!) although the emotional energies can still remain in the body after treatment. This explains why people can still be haunted by a memory and feel an emotional charge associated to the event. The heart still remembers and holds the emotional energies related to the trauma, which could block the real you from shining through.

Therefore, it is crucial to have self-care methods specifically aimed to address the heart physically, but also energetically!

Building Walls

Usually when we are born, we typically have minimal emotional baggage (read more about Trapped Emotions here) since we have not experienced much stress and adversity. However, overtime as life happens and our heart gets overwhelmed with stress from events, and is put in danger by the intense stress.

We have all experienced those gut-wrenching circumstances in our lives when we feel completely broken and utterly defeated inside: Losing someone we love, traumatic events, feeling betrayed, ending relationships, etc.….

These are the times when our heart is put under such intense duress and stress that the weight of the world and emotional turmoil can feel extremely unmanageable and unbearable.

So just as we cover our sensory organs as a mean of protection, such as blocking the sun from our eyes and covering ears from loud sounds – our heart-brain symbolically and subconsciously protects our heart from breaking by building a “wall” from emotional pain, heartache, and insecurity.

Since the body is covered with a plethora of excess emotional energies (known as Trapped Emotions) the subconscious mind brilliantly uses these Trapped Emotions to create an energetic barrier, or wall, to protect the heart from physically and emotionally breaking.

Initially, the Heart-Wall is a good thing and is needed to help us manage and survive emotionally painful circumstances. However, over time as more traumatic events occur, more layers of the Heart-Wall are added on. The layers could cause emotional callousness and separation because our heart is now buried deep under a protective wall, deeply covered like an energetic bomb shelter!

Impact of the Heart-Wall

The Heart-Wall could cause many physical and emotional symptoms, some being:

o Discomfort of the neck, shoulders, and/or chest

o Fatigue and tiredness

o Impacted immune function

o Chronic issues

o Negative thinking and thought patterns

o Disconnection from others

o Feelings of lack of joy, motivation, and emptiness

o Creativity blocks

o Self-sabotage