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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the booking be added to my calendar?

If you do not complete the following step, there will not be a booking in your calendar:

Upon submitting your booking request, you will be given the option to "Add to My Calendar" to schedule the pending appointment in your calendar. Please note, the booking system does not update or manage your calendar booking due to privacy concerns.  As the calendar owner, you must update and manage your own calendar.









Will I receive a reminder for my booking?

Upon booking, you will receive an confirmation email (please check spam) with the Zoom link, and 24 hours before the session you will also receive another email reminder.

If you would like to receive a text reminder to your phone, please be sure to check the box, "I want to receive a SMS reminder 24 hours before this session starts."

How do I access my account and booking information? 

In order to request a booking, you are required to create a membership account.  Your membership is your private profile on the Shine Through Energy Healing website and allows you to access and update information related to upcoming and rescheduling bookings, notifications, account settings, and more. 


You can Login to your account on the home menu at the top right side next to the bell icon.


*Please note: While your account information is kept confidential and private - if you post any comments on the blog, your name will be publicly visible. 

How are the sessions offered?

The sessions are offered via Zoom and the link will be provided to you upon acceptance of the booking.

What if I don't have a credit card or Paypal account?

For Canadian clients, e-transfer is also accepted to the email indicated on the invoice.  If you select e-transfer to make the payment, please Connect to let us know the name the booking is made for and the name on the bank account, so the records can be matched up accordingly.

As for international clients, Paypal and credit card are the only payment options available at this time.

Why do I need to submit my signed Disclaimer form before my first session?

For insurance purposes, when participating in any kind of professional holistic wellness services, it is best practice for both the highest interest of the client and the practitioner to have concise and clearly written communication to protect both parties regarding any legal obligations.

Therefore, it is required to submit your signed form before your first session, so that the time allocated during your session is 100% dedicated to the service opposed to being interrupted to complete this step.

Additionally, the Client Agreement form provides transparency pertaining to the services being offered in alignment with Canadian law.

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